Five for Fun

1) I am in over my head, folks. Granted, I am a fairly short person, but right now my to-do list is longer than I am tall. I’ve got a killer combination of baby showers, Halloween costumes, birthday presents, Thanksgiving dinners… The first thing I do when I start to get overwhelmed is make lists. I make a lot of lists. And always, always, the first list I make, is a list of all the other lists I need to make. Crazy, right? The first list is always something like, “Groceries to buy. Crafts I need to finish. Chores that need to get done.” And so on. Then I get into the details of each individual list. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!)

2) Anybody else have attention deficit issues when it comes to crafts? I’ve been making hats, bookmarks, baby shoes, capes, masks, and Halloween costumes. I bought some of these for some tiny embroidery. And I’ve been painting.  I just need to learn to sit down and finish one project before I find something new and awesome to start.


3) I love Halloween costumes. My kids only go to about a dozen houses for trick or treating, but I love letting the kids pick what they want to be, and working on making their ideas come to life. This year we’ll have an Elsa, a robot, a pink poodle, and a bumblebee. We have a history of bugs for first Halloweens. It’s all about those antennae.

1930763_90175425443_1590_n  1913708_305100960443_120525_n  386933_10150907009300444_943162752_n

4) It’s almost (Canadian) Thanksgiving! We will have the pleasure of enjoying two turkey dinners this year. I’m cooking one dinner, but supplying desserts for both. Help me decide? Apple crisp, pumpkin pie with gingersnap cookie crust, lemon tart, apple pie cinnamon rolls, or something else. I need at least two. Oh, and did I mention I can’t eat grains, dairy, soy, or eggs?

5) After seven months of extraordinary sleep-deprivation, Pooter decided to start sleeping through the night last week. Six nights in a row of seven to twelve hour stretches. And then, just when he’d lulled me into a false sense of security, he’s been back to his old tricks for the last two nights. For a while there, I was drinking coffee because I liked it, but not because I needed it. I cling to the hope, however, that since he’s proven he can do it, he will go back to doing it sooner than later.





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