What I Wore, Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving day, friends! I hope you are all getting to be with people you love, eating food you enjoy and giving thanks for you have. We had our big feast yesterday and we are now enjoying a deliciously quiet day at home together with leftovers for supper.

Today I give you one of my typical mom outfits. I am certainly no fashionista and I wear 20% of my clothes 80% of the time but I do like to look somewhat put together and cute. My husband and I are on a major mission to be completely debt free by 2015 so there is no room in the budget right now for new clothes. However, when I do buy new clothes I typically buy lots of basic, classic pieces and add in an occasional fun accessory.

Here, I am wearing some brown boots my mom bought me on a shopping trip to the states a few years ago, some black leggings, a second hand banana republic tunic that once belonged to my sister-in-law and then my newest piece of clothing, a wonderfully soft sweater made of 100% extra fine merino wool.



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