About the Mamas

We are about encouraging all mamas to identify, embrace, and walk confidently in their gifts, no matter how different the wrapping may appear. This is a place to share ideas, insights, and real-life stories on parenting, nutrition, marriage, faith, and more.

MoniqueSomewhat surprised to find herself back in the hometown to which she swore she’d never return, Monique is a married mother of one sweet, hilarious, five-year-old boy and a rescued cocker spaniel named Fred. Monique enjoys knitting, making lists, and putting the cart before the horse. Between home, work, and school, Monique is on a never-ending quest to fit everything in a carry-on. Read about her attempt to buy nothing for twelve months at Monique Makes Do.




IMG_4578 Amanda is a happily married working mom of three under six who loves to write about food, friendship, family, funnies, fashion, and faith.  She enjoys color coding, chart-making, stock-taking, goal-setting, and label-making and strives to fill her days with a little coffee, a little chocolate, a little laughter, a little reading, and a lot of Jesus.




alisonAlison is a newly-minted stay-at-home-mom, raising three spunky young redheads with her husband and best friend, Andrew. She loves to talk frugality and food, and someday will spend more time camping, canoeing, crafting, baking and gardening. Alison will offer unfiltered views of the chaos, joys and frustrations of parenting and homemaking.




(That's not my beer!)

(That’s not my beer!)

Jaclyn is your typical oldest child: bossy but with the best intentions. She’s married to Francis, and the stay-at-home-mother of Princess (6), Music Man (5), Baby Belle (3), and Pooter (6 months). She has serious attention span issues when it comes to hobbies and housework, perhaps because both are fueled by too much caffeine and too much Motown. Her door is always open, but she just can’t promise you won’t trip over a toy on your way in.




10592925_10152702178783974_4499549417008348402_nKatie is a Jesus lovin’, wine drinking, homeschooling, sweater knitting mama of three spunky kids and wife to an extremely good looking Kiwi butcher man. She is living by grace and big cups of coffee. You will find her home most days reading to her kids in mass quantities and buried in laundry.


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