What’s For Dinner?

You guys.  This day.  Lord, have mercy on a working mama!

Tonight’s family dinner was brought to you by my dear friend Foresight.  For once, she showed up and she delivered, people. High-fives all around, Mamas.  I love it when six-weeks-ago-me makes my life easier today.

Back in August I made several meals to put in the freezer for just such a night as this and I am so glad I made the extra effort then in order to make now a little bit easier (and yummier!).  This past Sunday evening when I sat down to meal-plan for the week I realized that cooking was not going to happen tonight.  Staff meeting and marking meant staying late at work and cooking with three small people underfoot is no fun.  So, this morning before we headed out I took a homemade gluten-free lasagna from the freezer, popped it in the oven, set the automatic timer to come on mid-afternoon, and went off to work.  When we arrived home tonight at 5 o’clock the whole house smelled like a giant cheesy hug.  I quickly assembled a kale salad from things we had in the fridge and voilà…supper.  Lasagna is one of those things that I firmly believe tastes even better the second day, therefore tomorrow we will feast on leftovers.


Easy peasy!


What’s for Dinner



Last night we celebrated going “Back-to-Homeschool” with a fun and kid-friendly supper. Cheese pizzas, a Caesar salad and our favorite homemade brownies to finish off our feast. It was simple, quiet (as quiet as three kids under the age of six can be) and just what I needed to remind myself why we do this thing called homeschooling. We have many reasons for that and maybe someday I will share them here but for now this is enough for me. To know that we all sat together and ate and laughed and shared about our hopes and goals for this year. I know it is going to be rich with memories made and a year of wonder and growth for all of us.