Five For Fun

1. Holy moley!!! As you may have noticed, things have been a little bit quiet around here lately. Despite the cyber-silence things on the other side of the screen have been abuzz with busyness, let me tell you!  Craft fairs, family trips, parent-teacher interviews, work conferences, small people losing their first teeth, baptisms, Christmas-planning…all on top of this thing we call Life.  We Mamas have been up to our armpits lately, but we’ve missed you!

2. Back in August I made 12 complete freezer meals for my family and 8 partial or “short-cut” freezer meals. Additionally, I had some breakfast items, baked goods and other freezer staples stockpiled in hopes that this would make things a lot easier to manage when I returned to work in September.  The good news is that this has been working extremely well, as I have mentioned previously.  We’ve been eating hot, homemade meals on a regular basis, and breakfasts, while quick, have been easy and balanced.  The very, very, very bad news is that when I went to my freezer this evening to consider what I might use later this week I discovered that I have only three meals, 8 muffins, and 12 waffles remaining.  I have a feeling yogurt tubes and KD will be making a comeback in our house leading up to Christmas Break.

3. Our oldest turned six (!!) last weekend.  Not only is he the only child willing to take silly selfies with me, he’s also sweet, smart, funny, fun-loving, and a fantastic big brother.  We are so proud of him and can’t wait to see what the next six years will hold.  To celebrate we had our second “out of the house” party ever, at Rebel Space Indoor Playground & Cafe and it was worth every penny.  15 little boys had an absolute blast and there were plenty of sweaty heads to prove it.


4. I’m starting to believe that if I hear Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” even ONE MORE BLESSED TIME I may impale myself with the nearest available stabby thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love me some Tay-Tay.  For real.  But, I can only do this so many times.  So just stop it.  Please.

5. Last time I posted a Five for Fun I mentioned that I needed to see my family doctor, my dentist, and find the time to mop my floors. I am pleased to announce that since then I have managed to do all of these things.  Of course the floors now need to be mopped again.  But here’s a question: Is it really possible for a working mama to have clean teeth, a clean bill of health, AND clean floors all at the same time?  Exactly.  So, I’m taking my 2/3 to the bank and calling it a win because teeth and health trump tile every time!

**Sneaky bonus number 6**  I’m feeling challenged in all my busyness to make the upcoming season of Advent all about slowing down, being present, practicing patience, and finding the joy in just being still.  I’m hoping to write more about this in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned!

Love, Amanda