It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… Something

We put up our tree on November 17th this year. This is unheard of for me, and admittedly a little crazy. I had a few reasons.

10694335_10152894540904653_1220486293373605623_o1. Bribery. I had promised The Boy we could do it that night in exchange for help cleaning up the living room.

2. Taking Stock. Since I am not allowed to buy anything decorative for Christmas this year, I wanted to see what I had and was delighted to find that I need nothing, and can probably reduce the Christmas bins from 4 to 3 come January 7th.

3. Timing. I wanted time to enjoy the season once Advent started and it got super-busy, so this became one less thing on my list and truly, it makes all the other things seem more joyous.

4. Christmas is coming early to our house. (Kind of.)

My husband’s work situation will keep him away from home over Christmas, so we are gearing up to have our own family celebration on December 17th. This is the first year we have done this, although he often works on Christmas. We’re having a simple dinner and giving The Boy his gift from us. Nothing fancy, but I find myself really looking forward to it. (Spoiler: It’s Lego, so this has the added benefit of keeping him busy for a few days. I am so, so happy he is into Lego. It makes no noise and he doesn’t leave it on the floor because the dog will eat it. It’s the perfect toy.)

Since I’m not buying anything (I feel like all my sentences start that way lately), December has been mostly stress-free this year. I am unconcerned with making sure all my shopping is done and the wrapping is going to be minimal. Instead of last-minute running around, the plan is to spend Christmas Eve skating with The Boy before Mass, then we’ll have dinner and a leisurely Skype date with the family in Toronto. Finally, it’s homemade Christmas jammies (courtesy of my mother) and off to bed, because Santa is coming!

(Santa told me that this year, he’s only bringing one gift and filling stockings, so we’ll see how that plays on Christmas morning. I have high hopes.)

My family is coming over on Christmas Day to hang out and I’ll give them the few no-cost gifts I have cobbled together. I’m going to try my hand at a vegan “cheese”ball. Christmas dinner will be whatever happens to come in the CSA box that week. I’ll probably bake something. We’ll stay in jammies all day.

See how calm and zen-like my plans are? Who knows how it will all turn out? I can almost guarantee that the “cheese”ball will be a disaster.

Speaking of “cheese”balls, here’s a little ditty that always gets me in the spirit.


Feeling Christmas-y? A Mama Might Give-Away!

I’m one of those people whose thoughts turn to Christmas as soon as the weather begins to cool off and the leaves begin to change colours. Of course I realize that it’s still a full three months until Christmas Eve, but there’s no time like the present when it comes to getting a jump on handmade gifts.

So in the spirit of gift-giving, the Mamas want to share a little gift with one of our readers as a way of saying thank you for your support as we get this blog up and running. We recently hit 200 Facebook likes, and had intended to do a give-away right away to celebrate. Illness has kept me out of commission (well, illness on top of being 18 weeks pregnant!), so I got a little behind. Next thing I knew, we had already hit 212 likes! So now it’s really time to celebrate!

To enter this give-away, leave a comment on this post. Tell us something – anything! Whether or not you’re getting ready for Christmas yet, what your favourite thing about fall is, what colour your socks are – anything goes.

For a second entry, simply share this post on Facebook or Twitter, and leave a second (separate) comment on this post letting us know you shared. (This is going to work on the honour system, and we trust that everyone will leave a maximum of two comments!)

The give-away will remain open for one week, to give everyone a fair chance to enter. At the end of the week we’ll select a winner at random, and she/he will win this handsome brown bird ornament:


But how about we sweeten the deal a little?

If by the end of the give-away we have reached 250 Facebook likes, the winner will win the brown bird and this lovely Christmas dove!


So there you have it. Leave a comment, share this post, and leave a second comment! Easy as pie! Mmm… pie!