A Voice From Beyond the Trenches

Please join us in welcoming Sue to the blog as our first guest poster!

I’ve been a mom for more than half my life. By the time we were married five and a half years, we had three kids. It was a blur of diapers (mostly cloth), dishes (no dishwasher!), laundry (drying on a clothesline), toys, books, sleepless nights…you know the drill. Four years later we had another baby, and six years later another. Do the math, and by the time our youngest arrived, we had two teenagers.

I think there are two things that helped me most during those early years of figuring out how to be mom, since my own mother was very ill and five hundred kilometres away. One – having two amazing friends whose kids were close in age to my own. We supported one another, made food together, hung out with our kids together, and prayed together. To this day, they are still two of my dearest friends.

Two – having a couple of friends who were also mentors. They were both about eight or nine years my senior, with five kids each when we met. Their youngest children – babies at the time – were the same age as my eldest. They each were a source of encouragement and wisdom when things just seemed so hard. They didn’t use platitudes like, “Enjoy them while they are little. They grow up so fast.” No, they were both realists who remembered how challenging raising a brood can be, but they also enjoyed their kids. One of them taught me the basics of homemaking and baking. She was a lifesaver! I don’t think either of them ever realized the impact they had on my life during that time.

There was no social media back when I was raising our kids in the early years – just the telephone, which I spent lots of time on! (I became very adept at nursing a baby and talking on the phone at the same time.) Social media – especially blogs and Facebook – have opened up opportunities for moms to support one another in ways we never dreamt of all those years ago. And there’s even room for an “old mom” like me, to hopefully support other moms, to let them know that all the hard work, sleepless nights and tears pay off.

Sue A.

Sue is a mom of five and has been married to her husband, Paul, for 27 years. She was a registered nurse before she had kids, and has been a full-time stay-at-home mom since she had her first child, 26 years ago. She spent ten years as a freelance knitting designer and workshop teacher during that time. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, knitting and crocheting, but her first loves are her faith and her family.