Is It Just Me?

Do you ever wish you had a remote control for life? Just so you could fast-forward through nights with a fussy baby, and pause those moments where everything just falls into place?


Do you ever wish you could get a do-over for those times when you completely blow it?

Do you ever wonder what life would be like without your little ones, and then realize you wouldn’t trade them for all the hot coffee, tidy living rooms, privacy in the bathroom, free time, or extra cash in the world?

Do you ever wish you could bottle up their natural wonder and awe?




Do you ever wish your kitchen would stay clean for more than 20 minutes?

Do you ever wish you could be totally caught up on laundry for more than 30 seconds?

Do you ever sometimes wish this parenting gig wasn’t so danged hard?

Do you ever wish you could have 10 more kids?

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about the end of diaper changes, potty-training, teething, and toddler tantrums?

Do you then find yourself worrying about the teen-aged years?

Do you ever question whether your home is the messiest, your kids are the crankiest, your life is the most disorganized?

Do you ever just fall to your knees, at the end of your rope, and find yourself giving upĀ and giving thanks at the same time?

Or is it just me?